Monday, July 18, 2011

'The 6 PM Slot' - Book Review

Take a popular youth channel which will show you all uncensored stuff claiming it to be youth oriented content, another popular news channel which shows everything except the news, one star journalist anchor whose aim is to make his news channel the best and himself a brand in Indian media, an ambitious girl who wants to make mark in industry.mix it well. And you get some hilarious, some surprising, some oh-my-god moments and of course, a good novel.

‘the 6 pm slot’ revolves around Tania, a supervisor producer at YTV the channel which brands itself an entertainment channel targeting the Youth age-group, gets a chance to handle a show hosted by scantily clad host to solve love problems at a slot when nobody watches TV.6 PM. Series of events take place during each episode and the book is journey of events and the consequences .The show gets an attention when Rajneesh Tiwari who runs a news channels targets the show in a well-planned plan to increase the TRPs of his news channel. What happens after that is for you to read.

Naomi being a TV journalist has used very indianised vocabulary in the book and at times, it makes a good laugh for reader. There will be few moments when you will just stop reading and laugh at the situation and few when you will stop reading but this time think about situation and go Darn! what-the-beep! why! why not!! .’the 6 pm slot’ is one of very few Indian books where an Indian author doesn’t makes an IIT or an IIM campus its location, doesn’t base the story on an IT guy and makes an interesting read even without any single chapter of sex in it. And when someone who rarely opens a book to read finishes it in two sittings, you better believe it’s a good book to read.

I am not an avid book reader and when it comes to books written by an Indian author, I definitely give them a second thought before reading them. Because there is only recipe which every author has cooked in different way and presented to you. But 'the 6 pm slot' turns out to be an exception. It’s a book you will enjoy reading. More so because you will be able to relate to some live examples that you see on television every now and then.

When I started reading the book, I did not know that Naomi Dutta works as TV journalist but while reading you can make it that writer is someone among them since the description and way the story has been narrated gives an impression that writer is one of them. The vocabulary used is interesting and very clear picture of what happens behind the scenes and what impact it has on what we see on TV .I hope Naomi writes again and on a different subject and moves out of TV industry plot.

Book Rating - 3.75/5 
*this rating is just a random figure so don’t bother. Go. Read the book*.

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rohit said...

An enjoyable read The 6 Pm Slot by Naomi Dutta. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.