Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Secrets : 10 Day You Challenge

So after reading Preeti’s and Prateek’s blog posts on 10 Day YOU challenge, I thought to give it a shot. This tag requires you to write 10 posts about 10 different things in life. One each day.

Starting with 10 secrets.
By the way , If I post them here, then they are no longer a secret. So I will modify this tag as per convenience ;) and will share 10 things that you may not know about me.

  1. I have taken most of my decisions in life at first instinct. Whatever thought came in my mind first, became my decision. And I can’t say I am disappointed with my decisions. Life has been good and I have enjoyed.
  2. I don't throw my boarding pass.Although I am not a frequent flyer but whenever I travel,I try to save my  boarding pass. 
  3. I want to perform dance/act/stand up/voice over/MC in big crowd. By big I mean really big crowd. Stadium crowd.
  4. I talk to people before I make an opinion about them. People behave different with every individual so if someone is good to you doesn’t implies that he is good to everybody.
  5. I have many ‘girl’ friends but no girl-friend. Also I have many ‘guy’ friends but no boy-friend. :P
  6. I prefer watching stuff which would make me happy. Bring on good comedy, romantic, cartoon, sitcoms over thriller /action /sci-fi any time of the day.
  7. I am proud of being a Sikh and like to share knowledge about my religion with everyone who is interested to know about it. On similar note, I like wearing matching turbans and I have got 9 different colors. And I plan to add few more on my next trip back home. :)
  8. I totally love Calvin and Hobbes. And I have been hunting for Calvin Hobbes T-shirt for ever now.
  9. If you play/sing an English song, 95% chances are there that I’m hearing it for the first time. Also if I haven’t heard it, I will not pretend. My face expression will tell you. Either I will be enjoying the beat without caring what lyrics offer or will be trying to find out the lyrics and enjoy it. But I like Enrique, Rihanna and few selective singles.
  10. One thing I have always asked myself but never got answer to. Why I don’t have long lasting friends. Most of people I was once friends with are now acquaintances and I hardly have any friends who I can call anytime and talk about anything. That’s one secret of mine that even I don’t know.

Yaay. I managed to write ten things.

p.s : If you like the tag, do it. :) 

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