Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank You Allen Solly

One day I saw this tweet in my replies tab: 

For a moment looked a spam tweet to me since the handle @allensolly wasn't much active on twitter and out of nowhere they randomly chose two people to give gift vouchers to.Then after some research this looked like a valid ID so replied back with my email address and they sent an email to share all the address details with reason to be selected for one  :

"Wondering why we selected you? Isn’t being yourself a reason enough :)"

Full marks. Ten days later I get an Allen Solly voucher with condition that it can only be used in Allen Solly Exclusive showroom ONLY. I was travelling continuously with voucher in wallet but did not find any allen solly 'exclusive' showroom to use it. Luckily i visited home and they have one 'exclusive' showroom in town. I managed to make a visit just in last week of voucher validity. The showroom staff was little hesitant to redeem the voucher probably because they never had seen one but after checking with their owner, they agreed to.So out of limited stock available, I managed to select one shirt and that was it. Gave the voucher. and Happy Me returned back :)

Thank You Allen Solly for the voucher. :)

Note - I wrote this post on April 7th and then missed publishing it. :D

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