Sunday, July 23, 2006

Divine Sojourn in Hills

Yes i said it right.It was truly divine one,witnessing nature at its best ! I am mentioning my most memorable n relishing memory of my visit to Sri Hemkunt Sahib
DAY 1(27 june,2005.0500 hours) Starts my first ever pilgrimage to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.Nothing but excited ! I went alongwith Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji, singing hymn all the way. It made the travel just so purifying.Reached Rishikesh around 10 in night, took rest and set off for 272 km of journey to Govind Ghat next morning
DAY 2 (28 june-0730 hours) Moving through traversing curves ,short corners ,slide etc, we came across rudar prayag ,confluence of famous alaknanda n mandakini rivers which just fades away your phobia  of height(if any !).We stopped to have lunch and restored our journey in hills.
DAY 3(29 june 1000 hours) We went on with arrival at joshimath around 1330 hours.It was all ascending journey taking you to the heights that gives breathtaking view of down plains.We rested at Govind Ghat that night knowing that  remaining 19 km were to be done by foot. Unfortunately a cloud burst occured that night and created much havoc.Some people were reported missing,local scooter stand, just few yards away from our place, was heavily damaged A chill ran down my spine afterseeing all that.We somehow didnt give up n decied to keep going 
Day 4(30 june 0900) We managed to leave at 0900 hours after the situation was brought under control.Proximity of death and God both at same time can only be (image placeholder)felt.We reached Govind Dham at around 1730 hours , attended  evening prayer held there These prayers were just the thing that kept our morale high spirited despite the tiring and nausea causing travel.We retired to wake up early morning with new enthusiasm to finish the toughest 6km to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.
Day 5(1 July 0700) Started our journey at 7 in morning,it took us nearly 3 hours to cover last 6 km.I am falling short of words to express my immense delight i felt to see the abundant spiritualism on the way to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.It only culminated to its zenith when we reached the gurudwara sahib.We took holy bath at amrit sarovar at temperature below 0 degrees.It magically freezed our entire fatigue in a jiffy.I felt as light as bird.We were actually amongst clouds at a height of 15210 m ,the weather was so uncertain that we didnt get to see anything because  of fog though few minutes earlier the sun was shining bright.The ice capped mountains and glaciers which had accompanied us, made us realise the vastness of the  mother nature.We attended holy prayer there too and I offered my thanking to god for everything ! We set off our journey back at 1430 hours, reached at govind dham at around 1800 hours ,dead tired.We just had light meal n went to sleep.
Day 6(2 July 0700) This day started for covering 13 km distance to Govind Ghat and then after good lunch reaching Rishikesh the same day.
Day 7(3 July 0600) We left for amritsar but i must confess one thing , i didnt feel like returning back to the plains after my encounter with nature's best elements and abode of GOD best visit ever ! 

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