Saturday, December 02, 2006

India Wins At Last !!!

First Experience for India at 20-20 Level and what better could india expect than winning the encounter.The Concept is quite interesting as its all fun out there watching batsman totally blasting balls over the ropes all over..!!
India Finally wins an encounter though everyone seemed to be quite sure had it been 50 over match india could not escape from 4-0 loss... but i guess it should be taken as positively coz with god's grace we didnt lose out on 5-0 ;-) [first match washed off coz of rain]..........One should be optimistic :D
The Match ended in 20th over and thx to dinesh kartik hitting peterson over the mid wicket bundary for six on first ball else the result could have been anything..Dhoni and Sachin failing miserably and surprise package Dinesh Mongia scoring some good shots. He somehow managed to avoid criticism for gettin sehwag run-out with his knock......
The Bowlers though , did a good job restricting S Africa to 126 getting manageable 6 run an over target...
Over all it was gr8 experience watching teams battling out giving there full in quick run of 20 overs each.

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