Friday, December 08, 2006

My Friend is Back !!

Yesterday One of my dearest friends made a visit to my place in morning... i was sleeping that time... and the friend steps in at my place.. before meetin me, meets my mom and gives me enough time to open my eyes and wash my face . And Then.. finally after 5 long months..we greet each other face to face...I couldn't manage anything but a smile... She went for some training in mumbai.. and simply had a blast all through those 5 months.. [Her words].. It was so nice to hear that she came back with loads of frenz and had great time in mumbai.
She came back with a charming smile... and good experience of life stayin in city of mumbai and goin places alone.. trains and buses...and more importantly training ex under a renowed architect though i dnt know the name :P
Finally she is back home ....
& I am so delightedand xcited on her return that i have caught up fever.. hehe ... and now fully covered with socks,woolens,mufflars and all stuff.....and to add to that i have my final semestr xam tomorrow and i dnt knw how it will go as i dnt think i have enuf of preps for it...but lets see what happens.....

Folks..Wish Me Luck .. :D

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