Thursday, April 09, 2009

The March Story..

Looking at the march there was not much i did in march... but if i count on most interesting things happening i can recollect following
- Matheran Trip - yea once again we all went to matheran.. this time on a toy train.. jab we met types.. mini train.. waadiyon ke beech se..with group of 30 teammates was fun.. as usual
- then we went to a friend's place as well for Gujju Dinner and it was YUMM... so delicious that we self invited for lunch some time soon at his place.. which might come in my april update :p
- met lot of celebrities in this month.. so many tv stars, anjay dutt in march.. :D
- played holi - the best one i ve played so far in life.. it was great fun. we played in the society we are living in, had rain dance, lot of water, dry colours followed by best of food for lunch and dinner.. wil not forget holi of mumbai for long long time..
- did not go home this month :(
-- i forgot other things. .so when they come in mind.. wil be updated..!! :D

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