Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dil aur Dimaag

Dil keh raha hai shaam ko 7 baje se kuch to likh.. Dimag keh raha hai.. kahe ko pakayega.. chod na..! 
This is exactly what has been goin on almost every time i logon to blogger to express my views..i think to write on something but then taking into account the impact it might have on anyone.. leaves me nowhere. this month has been quite a mixed one for me so far.. nothing exceptional coming my way but then again.. there isnt anything i am sorry about.
one thing i have to believe and accept is the fact that am living in complete feminist world and people around me have the first preference for other gender. no offences to anyone but i hardly find anyone who doesn't falls for other sex and maintains the balance of life in tough and easy situations..

Dil ka thought::
in last few days, i have become fan of Gujjus.. be it people or food.. i love both of em.. and the Dhokla they make.. out of this world.. punjabi add ghee or butter in everything they make and gujju's make everything sweet.. 

Dimag ka thought::
being in mumbai i have experienced the 'fast' mode of life..i mean life is so fast here that you actually dont get time to stop and think about it at any moment..for me, it has been little hard to adjust coz of few reasons.. one m toooo busy with work..two, i dnt really have a great friend circle and three those who are here, we ve nt been able to catch up coz of BUSY and FAST life of mumbai...!!  hope to catch some friends in coming week.. *if i dnt go back home*

DIL and DIMAG ka thought:
"People value you as per their own convenience" 

I dont think i need to write anything else in it.. says all..!! :) 

Dil ka thought :
Jitne bhi dosto se dostana toot gya hai.. sab ko ek ek sms karke unka haal chaal pucha jaaye..aur pta kare ki unhe hum yaad bhi hain ya bhool gye... *bt i guess this would take me back to all those times which i think i dont want to remember again.* 

Dimag ka thought :
See the time and chup kar ke so jao.. its close to 0000 hours and have to get up at 5 in the morning.. 



madhavi said...

pakaana bahut zarori hai ji....koi tho padega, abhi dekho mujhe aur koi kaam nahi tha tho apka pura blog padh li :D. tho jab bhi time milega blogging karna..

Anonymous said...

Bleh ;P


The One And Only,
Jas =D

Faded Glory said...

Sahi hai - when one suffers too much congestion in the head and a conflict in the head and heart - voila - Verbal diahhorea is what happens :)

Sukhdeep said...

@madhavi yo.. wil try to pakao more :)

@anonymous Yaaawwwn

@fadedglory Verbal Diahhorea..lol.. i like the word.. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice one...
true quote:People value u according to thier convineince...
Keep posting,m reading..

a rolling stone,