Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rendezvous with a Legend

This pic needs no introduction and is of a Legend, Gurdaas Maan. and i met him last thursday. Lucky day for me as i was checking in for my return to home. On Mumbai Airport at 8.45 AM , while i was awaiting my turn to come to collect my boarding pass, a familiar face stepped in the airport with a lady which eventually turned to be his wife and i came to know about it bit later. And i simply jumped and ran towards him to meet him.. Yes.. it was him. The Legend. Gurdaas Maan needs no introduction if you listen to Punjabi Music or watch Punjabi Movies. People say i m lucky to meet him and you bet.. i was lucky that moment because he is such a nice person. When he saw me coming, he stopped to greet me and as i kept on expressing my joy, and wish to click his pic.. very politely with smile on his face, he guided me with directions to click pic from right angle. and on demand of one more, he asked me to click as many as i want.I was speechless and excited and happy and jumping and smiling and posing with him to get a good pic :D :D :D ... its like once a lifetime opportunity to meet such stars.. With Mamla Gadbad Hai, Peed tere Jaan di, Yaad Satave Pind dia gallian di, Des Hoya Pardes, Shaheed e mohabbat Boota Singh and now Mini Punjab he has just kept on delivering best of music and movies.. I 'vent found a single Punjabi who is not fan of Gurdaas Maan - The Gurdas Maan. Love you babeyo :D
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Faded Glory said...

Im so jealous u keep meeting these celebreties evry now and then!

Anonymous said... legend is such a feeling that moves my soul.