Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Chapter Starts

As i enter 24th chapter in life, i am just wondering how one day can totally change the way you look at life... from 23 year to 24 in one day and suddenly parents start thinking the kid is now more mature..more sensible.. more responsible.. am still the same.. irresponsible.. careless..mature..umm dnt really know.. some say i am, some disapprove this fact. but one thing i definitely know,this is one of the crucial years in life.
some of the things i think, i might implement in my life and sharing it here to keep reminding it to myself
1.Learn to Say NO.. There have been times, i have disturbed my own life just by saying yes to some people which i could have clearly more frequent 'NO' in times to come.
2.people call me internet addict and i agree to them for some reasons but i have had some amazing times in my life just coz of this social media and have made some fantastic people as my friends.going forward, i have decided to use my social media addiction for more good and use it as knowledge bank than just a social media usage.
3.Not to take people for granted.i trust people very easily. be good to me and get me going anywhere.going forward this rule doesn't applies :-)
4.Be expressive. if i like something, i am saying it.if i dislike anything,i am saying that too.i think i have missed some amazing opportunities in life again by not expressing interest but just waiting for best to happen and things to come to me themselves.
5.Those who missed my birthday.i need to forget theirs :) ofcourse this is lame.. but some times it is good exercise


Anubha said...

Hmm... I too have a hard time saying No to people and trust me, that can get you in big trouble a lot of times. I've started changing my ways now, I try to just say what's on my mind without thinking too much. And I think all of us are internet addicts now, so it's okay :)
You should be expressive... I know it's a little awkward to express certain emotions when you want to, but you could try!

And yes don't wish them on their birthdays-- they deserve it!!! :P :P

you-know-who-i-am :P said...

Seriously ...those who miss others birthdays should not expect people to wish them on theirs.

And people who wish Merry Christmas should be hanged till death on their birthdays and then wished Happy Martyrdom day.


Faded Glory said...

Growing old isnt an option, but growing up is :)

And an entire life left to grow up!

Toon India said...

Belated happy b'day dude!!