Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a Joke

Divya and Rohit were in a relationship enjoying life.

Then this very good friend of theirs came in picture.

He ignited some rumor which spread like fire in jungle. And suddenly Divya and Rohit were in doubt about their relationship.

All they could say to each other after that was a bye and a promise not to meet again

Today Divya is married & Rohit is doing well in his career.

Years later, over a reunion, he was high and in his high spirits told Rohit ‘that rumor was just a joke man.. I loved Divya. So couldn’t see you with her. SORRY’


Manpreet Bedi said...

awesome bro.
short & sweet. :)

PS the Pratsie said...

This joke was so very mean !! but if Rohit and Divya had no trust over each other... better they got separated ...

яノςんム said...

and Divya married some 4th person?? bad!!

good attempt btw :) lol!!

Sukhdeep said...

@manpret :)


it was mean but the trust factor somehow was lost by the rumor which turned ugly.. yes if that was not for fiction, real life story would ve been real sad :(

@richa that lol at last was bit funny.. three chracters had destiny of their own and you enjoyed divya marrying to fourth person.. interesting take :p
bt good to hear :)

ravdeep said...

'today Divya is married & Rohit is doing well in his career.'
hahaha...the joke lies here...lucky rohit parted ways with her and is succesful

ashkd said...

Wow!! marvelous piece of creativity.. how wonderfully you have put all the thoughts.. amazing talent.... keep going.. :-)

preposterous girl said...

Wow.. As I said in ur last post.. Amazing talent you have.. Let the creative juices flow forever.. :-)

Sukhdeep said...

@ravdeep its way you look :)

@ashkd good to hear from u dude.. :) glad u liked it..

@pg yea yea.. coming soon is next attempt to write a short story..