Sunday, September 06, 2009

As I Move On..

As I move forward in life..Ithink of the gains and losses i went through while passing different phases of it the super exciting phase of achieving something different, or sharing the wonderful moments with friends or be it staying out of touch with everyone or be it the feeling of loneliness or dejection during recent few months..and this time i come to the conclusion and gains are all mine and losses are all theirs who lost me :)

when i look back at my life many people came [read girls] n life and went but i certainly believe that each one of them was a pleasure to be friends with and you won't find better teacher than them who would give you something to learn after practically experiencing it.

Some of them which i think definitely added to my learnings tab would include the following..!!

1. Not all that glitters is gold.A beautiful look might give you an illusion of beautiful heart inside but its not always true.. and same hold true for the opposite..a beautiful heart or a beautiful mind may not always be portrayed by a beautiful you should be smart enough to understand the person..i guess my mistakes in understanding this phrase has made me a better human.

2. Friendship is not love - Thats one thing that i dont think i learnt but definitely learnt that you should be friends and should care for each other but not turn so good friends that the other person starts thinking that you are in love wid him/ brings in very difficult situation and the position where making a choice b/w frenship n relationship comes up....understand ur limits.. or be very clear about these things at every step.

3. I may be wrong here but i always feel while moving away from anyone, you are answerable to some of basic questions one wud have while you are going.. and you should nice enough to atleast clear all those doubts . I've some questions to ask to some of my 'Friends' [atleast from my side]and they still are unanswered..!!

4. Believe in God - A complete rockstar he is.I dont understand how he manages my life atleast.. he ll bring all the people in my life one by one.. and second one wud only enter once first one is taking time to leave....! awesome.. i feel who so ever comes in my life gives me some of the wonderful moments to cherish and some of not so good moments.. which make me more stronger for the next time..!!

having true friends on whom you can rely on anytime/everytime is sitting in a comfort zone and that feeling is awesome..!! i can count my comfort zone on one finger.. and i am not naming anyone here.. but i guess having that circle of 2-3 friends is more than enough for me in today's state. a post dedicated to my real life friends and my twitter aka online circle coming soon on that note :D

Long times this post rested in my drafts but finally i post it.. :)

happy reading..


Anubha said...

Experiences are always meant to teach you, and that's God's best way of telling you things. It's amazing how life goes on, and events happen creating an interesting mosaic when all pieces fall in place eventually. There are always those unanswered questions left, but I think those give us something to live for.

Nice post!! :)
And I agree, God is a rockstar. Just wish I had more faith! :)

Faded Glory said...

A few close friends is better than have a good for nothing group. Increasing the width reduces the depth of friendship.

J said...

I hope I can make it to that list of 2-3 friends one day. Not that I hope, but I want to. But yeh saali zindagi ...uni life, distance and shit know what I mean, right?

Sweet Nothings!!! said...

this is the first time i visited your blog..must say you express really well..liked your posts.