Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twitterville - talking about my twitter world !!

This is my first post on twitter junta i follow. i always wanted to write about some of fantastic people i have met/interacted over this social network site. Twitter - for me it has been nice experience so far.. have won some contests , met loads of different people, shared thoughts, interacted with celebrities, shared customer feedback directly with companies and got quick answers to all my queries. #followfriday / #ff a routine trend in which every friday i share my choice of people to follow coz of one or the other reason but some people on twitter are regular feature so i thought why not dedicate a post to them so that i just share this link and you get the names and reasons to follow them.

i've mentioned reasons why i follow them and the choice is yours

People who can be recommended anyday everyday :

1. @ujj - Ujjwal was one of the first people i followed. met him in bangalore last year april and thats when i came to know something like twitter existed. he tweets less but whenever he tweets, am either laughing loud or retweeting to share with all. For cricket, randomness , office culture, tempostand, bangalore stuff , everyday follow recommendation :)

2. @poojaganeriwala - A true MICA stuff.randomness is the word i learnt from her and shez awesome twitterer.. you never know whats coming outta her world.. ahmedabad, food, travel, photography, writing anything n everything coming.. shez friend in offline world as well so i normally dnt keep track much of her tweets :D heh..

3. @krist0ph3r - Totally Random Stuff from this guy, one of my favourite people on twitter world. you can expect loads of amazing stuff coming.. sarcasm included..cubiculture rides n all the life keeps on rolling as his twitter timeline shows.

4. @rehabc - if you like to read and you aren't following her.. you are missing a comment/reply on all your literary tweets. awesome shawsome person to talk to.if u ever meet, u ll know how to laugh and smile at same time.. hehe.. have to definitely escape from her 360 degree spy eyes on me. good buddy online... but follow her .. you ll enjoy..

5. @JasleenArora - i like her because i hate her and she likes me because she hates me..we know each other for like ages but twitter has been medium for leg puling all the time n everytime. she tweets poetry, random stuff, about her college life and abt place where she stays.. nice person to argue with.. strong points and wastage of time n energy my side..

6. @ashumittal - my DM buddy :p amazing photographer. expect loads of tweets from her on trending topics which are fun, photography, quotes, adobe, flickr, lightroom etc :-)

and to add to the six above, I follow so many other amazing people and can definitely recommend you following them when you talk of certain topics:

When you talk of

1. Photography = follow @suddentwilight (Paromita's Flickr),@tarunchandel (Tarun's PhotoBlog), @twilightfairy (Priyanka's Flickr) ,@poojaganeriwala (Pooja's Flickr),@ashumittal (Ashu's Flickr)

2. Blogging = follow @realin (Digimantra), @praval (MediaRedefined) , @mayank (Blog Design Studio),@labnol (Digital Inspiration),@pchere (Quick Online Tips), @abhishek (Technix Update, @blogadda (BlogAdda) , @nixxin (MediaNama)

3. Ladies *special quota* - follow @nomadwanderer, @shaaqT, @suddentwilight

4. Cartoons -oh no no.. what you think is wrong,they are not cartoons.. but they make cartoons,doodles and spread message through creative way.. follow @meerasapra (her work), @keeda (work),@tantanoo (work)

5. Microsofties - all your queries on windows, microsoft can be directed towards them - follow @baxiabhishek , @hardik, @manan ,@MicrosoftIndia

6. Corporates - follow @90di, @cleartrip, @flykingfisher , @Samsung_Mobiles, @keralatourism, @infosys, @followtcs, @accenture,@naukri

7 Channels - follow @channelvindia,@colorstv, @mtvindia

8 News - follow @ndtv, @httweets,@bbcworld,@bbctech,@cnnbrk

9 Celebrities - loads of them on twitter but i follow @gulpanag, @priyankachopra, @celinajaitly, @pritishnandy, @sanjaysuri ,@nikhilchinapa, @bani_j, @duttalara, @sonamakapoor, @chetan_bhagat, @1mrankhan, @shreyaghoshal, @ayushmannk , @duttalara, @lisaraniray, @v1sh4l (music Director Vishal), @devikamathur ,@ShashiTharoor

Bas Naam hi kaafi hai, for all of them. Best way to know about them - :)

10 Random-

a) They are my gurgaon meet-up gang so keep meeting them all.. fun people.. can bore you in a minute and make you laugh real hard the next minute - @prolificd,@omgsweet,@sloth13, @simple_sy, baxiabhishek,@mekkanikal

b) I've met them in mumbai nagariyaa... so regular interaction and all fun people to follow and you never know you might learn something from them - @punkpolkdots, @unitechy, @annkur, @mokshjuneja, @netra, @harishk, @shadez ,@hardik, @asfaq, @urmiraj14, @rashmibansal, @3heelshigh, @chicalit , @piyushgupta, @netra

c) @thecomicproject ,@amitvarma,@harry_jerry, @sakhi_ , @_atikin , @anaggh , @smilinggal , @neobluepanther ,@streetanchor , @teatattler, @oldmonkmgm, @greenrains, @rwac84, @sm63, @maheshmurthy, @masarat - yet to meet them in real life but all nice people to follow. regular interaction with all of them on twitter and something to learn as well.

11. Sikhism - follow @Amritsarovar, @singhlions ,@mrSikhnet,@taranjs

12. News Anchors - all of them tweet about their shows, current news and views and its fun sharing our point of view on their shows and news. - @bdutt (barkha dutt), @sardesairajdeep (rajdeep sardesai) , @sonalipds (Sonia Singh) ,@abhonsle (Anubha Bhonsle) ,@suhasinih (Suhasini Haider) , @sagarikaghose (Sagarika Ghose), @virsanghvi (Vir Sanghvi) , @rajeevmasand (Rajeev Masand) , @ankitv (Ankit Venguralikar)

13. Punjab Quota *reserved* - anytime you feel like talking in punjabi tweet them.. have fun interacting with them in punjabi :) - @themonsoonkid ,@simarp ,@preetchandhoke ,@simarp, @harleenkaurs, @param188, @kulpreetsingh ,@rajbir, @purplebeing, @jasdeep,@sepiaverse

This has been the the largest follow friday recommendation i've made and i know i have missed many known-unknown people in it but yea.. i will keep on adding people as and when i feel they are missing in this list of mine. :-) . Happy Following.

Just for records i follow 499 people/brands/celebrities/rssfeeds all including and i'm 517 days old here. :)

Oh i missed mentioning my twitter handle na.. its @s4sukhdeep . :-) tada..


Rajbir said...

Thanks for the mention, Sukhdeep. :)

preposterous girl said...

Thank you Thank you..
Oh I forgot my acceptance speech.. But still tears rolling down my face... *Khushi ke aansoo*
And one Major mistake here.. My name should have been on top.. :D :D

Anubha said...

Waah what a hugeeee #followfriday!!
Thanks for the reco! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for the little paragraph full of my praises. But for some reason, you always forget about me when you talk about Punjab Quota.
Not cool (N)


Rehab Chougle said...

Thank you!! Very sweet intro! totally undeserving by me..but then you are known for your kindness and your pranks!!
Glad to have met you ..and glad to know you too ..

Sachin Khosla said...

Oh paa jee Masha allah !! Mazza aa gaya ..awesome post hai jee ..

Balle Balle !!

Piyush said...

ek dum ultimate post hai bhai

Anaggh A. Desai said...

Paaji, I am honored to be featured amongst the who is who on your twitter follows....Thank you!

mayank gupta said...

Abe yaar tum se hum waise hi itna pyaar karte hain..upar se tum aise aise pyaar bhare post likhoge...toh kahan jaaenge :) thanks for the recommendation bhai... jiyo :)

Harleen Kaur said...

Thanks for the reco...mast hai yaar yeh post...bruuuaaahhh...