Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Classmates :) Elza and Alice

So finally I got time , hardware and mood to write my post. Its been quite a while and I feel much better than a week before. Life moving in Sine I want to get straight to point and lemme write whateva I wished to: need to set agenda to cover everything.
Two Incidents that I mentioned in last post ;)
Ok so the two girls I wanted to write about ; names wont be written but I would give them imaginary names, Elza and Alice.. nice names na.. I know :p
Ok so both have been classmates and Elza is in my company only but in different location.So its been a year now since we last met, our last meeting was our final exam viva which took place 14th may last year. So last week , I got a call from her and she wanted me to meet her one friend which had come to Bangalore for a long weekend break.When asked for a reason, got a harsh reply "Meet and get to know yourself." Actually she had sent something and wanted me to collect. So I called her friend , we knew each other already so not a problem in fixing a meet. Friday we met at Forum and what I am getting is a packed gift which states the following statement on the cover “Remember you are the 2nd Best , coz I am the best” . When I opened it, it was something that touched my heart. I really felt special at that time that there is someone who cares. At that time I was very much upset about some things but that day, I felt different and then thought to just think of that gesture of hers and avoid other things. I don’t think we have been in greatest terms when it comes to friendship but have been there with each other when the presence was required without asked for. That I feel made the bond different and stronger. Now this friend whu acted as middle man ,was here for Bangalore darshan so I asked her to come to Gurudwara Sahib and enjoy the langar on Sunday.[End of Ep-1]
Next came Sunday, and I went to gurudwara sahib, and after the samagam got over, During the langar [Free food served], who I see,along with this middle man friend, is Alice who was also my classmate and now in Infy here in Bangalore. I knew she was in Bangalore but never got to meet her. When I met her, there was excitement ; at the same time I wanted to avoid her,reason being she was my crush in my college times. But now as times change,i feel people change and personalities change. And I could sense that I also changed and so did she. Why why why.. when I met her, I felt happy and as the conversation went, I got to know that I was kinda interviewing and she was answering only. So after some time I also stopped and a sweet good bye with hope to catch ya soon wishez happened.
Come’on now she was a classmate, would have loads to say and listen but why should you be doing that if other person dint even care to show interest or just exchange numbers.. seems like four years of engineering were dumped in seconds.our mutual friend who was excited after eating langar nearly after a year, also wondered on how Alice was behaving as if we were meeting for first time. But then you can say this is how life is.
Anyways, over with this incidence and have more things to think and look on. So hardly have time to think..
Cheerz for now.. wil be back soon.. dont have much to write about these days on myself.. so i kinda avoid writing sometimes here..

Current Status of Life: Not Good Not Bad

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