Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marathon Run - Whatte Fun..!!

You never know what is in store in Life…and off late the events and moments have been much better than just few days before when I had almost lost all the hopes to enjoy life and just carry on the way it was… Sudden turns and I would say Waheguru Rocks… no clue on how he plays his games but simply love the way all happens..
I went to Sunfeast Marathon Run this Sunday and what a fantastic run in Bangalore, Magnificantly managed and organized International running event which made me happy on fact that I can also run 6 km .No doubt it was hard to finish the race since there was no practice prior to run and the fact that sleep was not adequate nite before the race and not proper breakfast taken before running.. I wonder how I was running on Sunday. We were 30 people who were running from our corporate side to support a cause. As mentioned in earlier post , that we were running for Bosco, a NGO which works with Street Children to teach them, counsel them and make sure they enjoy all the fundamental rights to live in India with pride. Run for a Cause was Majja Run, a fun event for running which had race length of 5.7 km and was scheduled at 9.45. As usual Sukhdeep Paaji reaches Stadium just in time at 8.45 to meet the fellow mates who were running. Perhaps I was the only sikh who was in turban at race, all others were in patka or parna but newayz Style hai to Smile hai ;)
So All set to run and 9.45 race kicked off.Sortching Heat and temperature close to 35 degrees.btw did I tell you the stadium was full of race enthusiasts who were running for themselves, who were running for cause and who were running just for fun. Newly married couples,young children,professionals,students,college peeps,young,old all were there in spirits of their own to show the world that Yes, they can run. Maybe I also wanted to prove myself that I can run this much distance and that too eventually cross the finish line without any break and losing in between.
Race did start at time and all started running. With full energy and completely fresh , I literally thought of running and running fast. I crossed nearly 500 runners within first few seconds and by end of first minute was in first 100-150 runners and continued to be in that league for another 5-6 minutes.Then with the time, the pace decreased and so did the distance covered w.r.t time being taken. I had my own stopwatch to note the time. Kept running in between slowing down and then gaining the pace again… dint have any idea on how much distance was covered and how much to come. Some came there for serious run and some were there just for fun. I started my race on serious note while ended it on fun note..
After every half km, there were groups of people cheering for all the runners and I felt that whenever I got the boost from them, the pace increased and steps became large to shorten the distance.Being a sikh here gives you unique identity and everytime i was crossing a group, all were literally doing bhangra and cheering me, I heard them saying "come’on Milkha Singh.." Run Run…." Oye Paaji Balle Balle…" and there were many others which kept on boosting the energy. In between water and glucose went on going inside to keep me running.

36:52:10 was the stopwatch showing the time when I crossed finish line.

Ending the race, I was second from my company group, gave me immense pleasure and made me all the more excited. As people kept on finishing the race, the environment around became all the more happening and amazing. Amazing arrangements were done with regard to refreshment and medical treatment facilities.
Around 11 , when all finally reached the finish line, we got together , and did my favourite pastime .. click and get clicked ;)
That was it.. A Run .. Run for myself, Run for my company and Run for a cause.
When you run for yourself, you have something to prove to yourself. When you run for company, you do because you like doing such activities and when you run for a cause , it gives you feeling of internal satisfaction when you know, each step you take, there is some money which adds up to the total amount which would be given for some cause. So I believe this was the time when I fulfilled all my runs.
and now when I know I can complete 6 km, may be next time full 10k marathon is on.

Current Status of Life: moving at pace, on last pages of one chapter which says the Life Goes On…….
Btw, I got The Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat today..

Cheerz fr nw… Keep Rocking..!!


Anonymous said...

I wish, I could get rid of the machines and do something like this on regular basis!

Lemme know about the book when you are done reading!

Keep Running in this Race of Life!
Hope you finish everything with better timings! :)

-The Dying Insanity

Nikita said...

three things n more
-6km gud yaar...keep up the gud wrk
-wat is patka n parna?
-the thing u said about feeling satisfied when u wrk for a good deed is true, n even crossin u'r own expectations makes u feel gr8...
-have u like decided to read only chetan bhagat n nuthing/noone else?
-it was nice talkin to you...
-n yes Waheguru Rocks...he has his own ways to make us understand the nuances of life...hena