Sunday, May 25, 2008

Headlines Post

Overloaded with too many things off late.. too many reasons and too short the time.. but i take it.. infact welcome it with both hands... reasons too many.. so laters on that.. i am too tired currently so cant even write with concentration.. so whateva is comin .. simply written..the post is on hold.. or can say a headlines post.
..wanna write abt two three things so would put them as headlines to write in detail about each one of them seperately/together some time soon... and that soon i know would be somewhere round in next week since i know coming week.. i mite need an assistant to look into my things :p tooo busy tooooo busy... appointment dairy and a personal secretary.. ON CARDS as soon as i can start afforing both ;)
next week monday is normal workin day bt hell tired so would be lazy bum all thru the day..and yh packin stil continues... tuesday last proper workin day in bangalore..gonna meet all the mates f office...wednesday farewell times to bangalore desktop :( and people here.... wednesday nite to delhi and thursday mornin to amritsar.. followed by JAGO on thursday nite.. :) :) :) u can start imagining the Bhangra and Fun expected.. if m not stressed out of travelling... Friday and Saturday Marriage Times... and Sunday i think would surely be rest.. So... Yh.. a dairy is must must to keep my life on track :p
newayz....i want to share that yesterday was Saturday n Today is Sunday.. nothin new in that... but the fact this was last saturday and last sunday here in Bangalore before i move out.
1. Saturday > Startup City + Shopping :D
2. Sunday> Project Outing + Forum Visit.
Out f 48 hours, hv slept 10 hours of total sleep can make u little clear about my health.... no wonder i am all FIT :p.. or SLIM..
Current Status of My Life: Packings...Too Much Travelling.. Too Much Shopping.... Tooooooo Much Fun... Toooooooooo Much Memories taken along..very few times clicked in between :( .. ...Toooooooooo Excited for Vacations.

P.S - Disprin was taken to sleep yesterday.. n i think i need another one today as well.. but i will avoid it this time.. my doc says.. try to avoid allopathy..
So before it becomes a necassity.. need to sleep.... cheerz

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Deranged Insanity said...

Whose marriage is it? And how come I never knew about it?

Keep us updated and u better take care of your health eh! Safe journey ahead! And I hope nothing will stop you from blogging!

P.S Whats up with the font size dude? Its shrinking day by day like you :P