Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ready for Run

Sunday 18th May its Sunfeast World 10k Marathon Run in Bangalore, an international event which is in eyes of every camera and with almost all international stars coming to participate in the race, it surely promises to be a great event.
Till yesterday , I also wanted to be part of the event but I wanted some company since I knew there the environment and enthu wud drive you automatically. Suddenly I have someone asking in my aisle to participate and instantly I sent my entry and adding to this celebration came an email to me and my friend from our company that they will be sponsoring first 30 entries and we both come under that sponsored registrations..
So adding cherry on this cake was the sponsorship which doubled the enthu and now the wait is on for Sunday. Although I will not be running full 10k race but being registered for the charity and part of corporate team, will be participating in Majja Run. Run which will be 5.7 Km and will be basically a fun race. Run, Walk, Dance in short have complete Majja.

We , at our company, are supporting Bosco which primarily takes care of Street Children by counseling them , and taking care of them. They have special care homes where they keep them and take complete care.
If you want to help in any way, contact me @ s4sukhdeep AT gmail DOT com . I dnt shy while asking for charity since its for children and Bosco being a registered and quite famous charity , i am assured that the money goes in right hands.

Being in India, you can directly transfer the money through netbanking or by sending cheques.

Being International, there are options to send money transfers ,Paypal and sending cheques.

Help a child in his education and he may become doctor or an engineer to serve you back and help grow the society.

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