Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Pause

Its been quite a while since i wrote. and i am writing this post just to hold a pause. Current phase of life is forcing me to write things which i am trying to avoid.Its just a small pause here which would be end soon and it may happen tomorrow. so no time lines but on hold.... i have written something which is saved in office.would post that soon. Few friends asked if i was alive or extinct. So this post is just a confirmation to him and all that i m still alive ;)
Last few days have been quite eventful and i am surely gonna mention two incidents if not more. and both involve girls in it :P he he.. nothing very exciting or happening but both the events are memories for long long times to come. One life long :)

Current Status of life: Just Like YOURS :) :( wateva u take


Deranged Insanity said...

I've been waiting for quite sometime now, for you to scribble somethin here! Can't wait more :P

And BTW >..< Two Girls, Two Stories! Nice ;) I think I know one of them ..."Flames to dust ...come to an end" hehe! Dunno if m right on the second one, so won't take a blind guess here :P

Lookin forward to read more!

Deranged Insanity ^.^

Deranged Insanity said...

and btw! Red color suits your blog :) Bring it back! :P

-The Same Old Insanity!