Friday, May 09, 2008

Friendship with God

Many a times when the phases of life are down and spirits are not high we start questioning GOD on why me? Do i deserve this. I always feel i am more complaining than one who's thankful to him for what ever he has given me in life.

Lets take a practical example: There is one teacher who is teaching us to get us all passed in our examination. We feel that some people are getting extra attention and some are being ignored even though the teacher is giving equal attention to all. Now if we are feeling that we have extra attention, no one will even think to question the situation but if we are on side where we feel being ignored, we will crib on why its happening and then until we share this feeling with teacher, teacher wil never be able to catch your mind set. BUT the condition to share is that you study and follow what teacher is teaching. So when teacher knows there is one student who is learning what i want to teach and feeling this way. then teacher also makes sure next time onwards that doesnt happens to you.

Now just take God as teacher and class as students. and getting feeling of ignorance is the time when we feel god is not with us and favouring some other people around us. Always Always Thank God for all the times he gives.Try asking one question to yourself "Is the current situation because of my own deeds only?" If the answer is YES , then be patient and go throguh the tough times and if the times are good, try to collect as many memories out of that as possible and try to cherish them in times you feel down. This surely helps.

One another thing to start feeling good about things around is to stop complaining. Try to be one who answers than the one who questions.

How to be Friends with God: You just need to have courage to ask for things from him and don’t just ask for things, need to get the feed of his name as well. If you are friends with him; inspire others and if not, try to be friends. Try to feel associated with him always. This would give the courage, would give you the strength and spirit to live and enjoy life.

was just a random thought that came so shared.. dnt mind :)

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