Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011. Press Rewind. 2010. Check. Forward.

2011 is already 11 12 days old.

Made any resolutions? Actually I don’t get this funda of making new year resolutions on first day of every year. So that you follow them for whole year and then make some new resolutions on your birthday as well so that you follow them till your next birthday. What if resolutions you make on Jan 1 are completely opposite to ones you make on your birthday?

Anyway, Instead of resolutions,I made a ‘things to do’ list last year and this post is just to update the progress bar :

1. To get interviewed- oh well... does job interview count? did not happen in twenty ten.Setting the same for this year as well ;)

2. Shot at dream companies – Oh I did I did. In feb. made shot at one of my dream companies. All went well till the decision. :p but am glad I made a shot and had one of the best interview experiences. So this point is ‘Check’

3. Read and Write – Reading..if you know me and I say I have read more than 10 books, you will actually laugh but to my surprise I actually read few books this year which is big thumbs up to me.Winning, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Such a Long Journey, Second Degree, Connect the Dots, Of Course I love You, Dork and Open: Autobiography of Andre Agassi and few more. I think the best read this year was ‘Open’. So Big Cheers to that. Writing...well this blog is still up and running and getting updated quite often  once a month, one of big things that happened last year was an article coming in Times of India. So this point is also ‘Check’

4. New Wardrobe – Abbey Yaar.. got so many new shirts, trousers, t-shirts, shoes, sweaters and now I think I need a new wardrobe again. So the wishlist remains the same for this year.also Check .

5. Bring AmritSarovar back – Almost back. Working on it whenever getting time. Managed to get all the content from archives, site will hopefully be back very soon. Uncheck.

6. Travel Show – Did not happen. Mainly because I was not in one city for long time. Koi na. this year again, it remains on ‘things to do in 2011’.

7. Less of Crying and More of Laughter – Definitely. May be. I did not count so theek theek laga lo. ;)

8. Travel Travel Travel – I did.I did.I did. Three trips to Bangalore, Two to Mumbai, Two to Ludhiana and So many to Amritsar :p .

9. Gain Knowledge – Lets mark this as ‘Check’ and continue learning.

10. Learn a dance form – Did not even make an effort to do this. Hopeful to do something about it this year.

12. Talk Less- Are you kidding me??? :D

New Year. New Hopes. So far So good. Hope its going good for you as well.


Faded Glory said...

:) :) :)

Richa said...

"theek theel laga lo"..that was really something!
reiterating a fact after reading your is so short..and there is SOOO much to do and explore..UNFAIR!:P