Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 - The Year It Was

Quick recap of the year that went by.
-The past year was little less exciting as its predecessor but glad that year went well with more smiles and joy than cries and depressing moments.
-Went on stage to perform as stand-up. It’s not easy to stand on stage and it’s not easy to make people laugh. When you do both and step down with people clapping for you, it’s a different high. In this busy life, if you make anyone smile or laugh, you have done one good deed of theday. It has been memorable experience, and would definitely give more shots at stand-up.
-Got an opportunity to write an article which eventually got published in ‘education times’ by times of india. My friends have said that its’ not a big deal and all which is somewhat right but when other people read the article and appreciate it, it’s certainly a good feeling. From one article last year, lets target few more articles in more publications in this year. :)
-In Professional life, Received SAPEX Reward which came as surprise but a very good one.
Also missed my promotion last year. Was very disappointed and felt bad as well. Well I never wanted my appraisal or money to be the reason to leave my company. So am here, still with the same company. Completed another year with it. And being in IT,it definitely is a big deal :P
-Talking of travel, I travelled to Bangalore and Mumbai this year. Mumbai twice, Bangalore
thrice. Chennai got planned and canned once. Bangalore trips were fun but Mumbai trips were amazing. First trip in April and Second in Aug-Sep during rains and ganpati, I’ve had memorable times there.
-Another year of social networking with twitter and facebook. Met so many twitter handles :p ,made few new friends. Some amazing amazing meet-ups and tweet-ups happened. Will try to add faces to some more twitter handles this year as well. If you use twitter well, nothing beats it.
- First half of year dedicated to emails and writing letters. Absolutely amazing thoughts
exchanged through emails with friend and some great times came along.
-Only one person thought to send me a diwali gift this year. a box full of home-made
Chocolates.So cool. And no thanks to Courier Company which failed to deliver it and also did not return it back to sender. So not cool.
- Had absolutely amazing times every time I went back home. Every.Single.Time. Amritsar
totally rocks.

For Arrivals and Departures – This ratio of new people arriving and old mates moving away has been very uneven and disturbing at times as well but then that’s how life is and three words sum it. Life Moves On. Started the year as ‘single’ and ended as ‘single’ and let’s not talk about the time between. ;) Some wonderful arrivals happened this year. No names to be written here but glad we became friends. Actually a book can be written on this. Also, I can go on and on to write about JA’s maiden trip to India but for now...moving on to next point.

Shaadi Viah and all – arrey yar... everyone decided to get married last year. Attended four
weddings last year and missed wedding of a very good friend. I wrote about the case of
invitations as well. Chalo.. Tussi vi viah karao hun !!

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