Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Weekend with Cousins

This weekend has been a treat...Shopping..Delhi Darshan and meeting cousins after so long. Perfect ingredients to fill all spaces in my weekend schedule. I met three cousins all married and met them all after long times...Two Brothers and a sister with their families are all now lot more mature and understand the life the better way!!  

Cousin 1:

Friday evening, right from office went to my first destination..near AIIMS.. Since bro is an ortho doc lives nearby..Bro,Bhabi and Shobit[his 7 month old son] were waiting for me since I told them that i would be there around 7 but thanks to Delhi Traffic and lovely MG Road under Metro Construction..reached there late by an hour.In Dinner, Dal Makhani and Aloo Gobhi were completely attacked and complete justice was done to the wonderful food prepared by Bhabi..Small and single family..they in real terms were depicting life of newly wed couples who are in process of planning for life and making some bold decisions on the way. Friday night we all one by one tried to make shobhit sleep and guess what...All Failed :p... a complete power house.. wonder how kids have so much of energy.. He made us all completely tired and we were feeling sleepy... but finally the mother won and shobhit slept at 1.30 for 3-4 hour sleep but we all dozed off..Saturday planz were to see jaane tu once again ;) but two reasons , one my bro was waiting for his interview results and second the lovely weather tempted us to move for some shopping and India Gate late night...Plans did turn into reality and 7 Pm we went to South Ex to roam n shop..I bought new shoes..Nike..and i dint tell my mother about the actual price :D

Had some snacks @ Bengal Sweet Shop and McD before going to India Gate..Its truly amazing place and one of places where one can see all kinda life.. Poor Rich Happy Sad Excited Depressed all kinda people are there..Mausam bada beimaan tha... so full enjoyment there. Reached back home at around 1..and then sote sote 2.30 baj gye fir se.. Thanks to Shobhit once again...but this time.. i achieved this feat to make a child go into his dreamworld... i made him sleep on my lap and that was awesome feel.. :P

Did i mention we had simply delicious.. awesome..tastiest Pasta i ever had..Bhabi made Pasta in white sauce and Man !! it was tooooo gooood... 

Cousin 2 : 

Come Sunday and its one of the days one never wishes to get up early morning..and history continued this sunday as well ;) as the eyes opened wonderful Rains outside were making whole Delhi feel Happy and the plans to move to Destination 2 were getting delayed..!! Finally rain stopped at 1.30 and bro dropped me at Dhaula Kuan.. took a cab and reached Gurgaon in mere 23 minutes and 10 bucks.. Not a bad deal on time and money :)

20 minutes of walk to my cousin's place..and what a wonderful 250 minutes of Meet-up we had..complete delight to catch up after long and amazing hospitality was cherry on the cake :) She is married for 18 years now and have two wonderful kids..who again are Champs..! I am so proud of my family..before meeting her, i never knew her as a person..she was just my cousin and thatz it..but after a lot of chit chat and exchange of thoughts..i guess i need to seriously think on some points she expressed about life..for a first impression it looks to be a philosophical session.. but if you start relating yourself .. then you feel you found a right person to converse with.. One who has seen life in Highs and Lows ,Ups and Downs and Today she makes us all proud..!! :)

And family genes..look at it..her daughter/ my niece is a wonderful dancer..closest word for her dance can be PROFFESSIONAL even though shez just into her 10th now.add to it the never below 90 % marks...i guess its all in the DNA of our have high standards to match..and every new member in family crosses it and sets a new target to achieve...!!

 If I can quote a quite true yet looking philosophical quote 

" To be complete in life, you need to have 3 satisfactions : Satisfaction in SOCIAL, PROFFESSIONAL and SPIRITUAL Life "  by D.A

 How True !! Yet i feel for an individual its a long journey to finish..!! But yeah..wil keep checking once in while on all the three fronts..!

 Did i mention the yum yum Paav Bhaaji i ate.. and as i took another paav from plate.. had to put it back Thanks to Sis who stopped me from eating.. coz something else was coming my way.. and only my way ;) he he..!! Wonderful kebabs and Wonderful Talks.. a great combination at dining table :)

 Then we went to Metropolitan..FYI its a mall in Gurgaon to get some music CDs..did the shopping and went to their shop for sometime before going to Barista for a coffee.. and there a wonderful question came up in my mind which i want to ask you...! Why do galz order only Hot Coffee...??? I have some different answers on it.. but still wats ur say!!

 Cousin 3 :

 Came back,had a chit chat and finally moved to Destination number another cousin who came to pick me from some pre-decided place. I gave him company over his beer with my Nimbu Paani :P and it was on da rox ..Itna nasha Kingfisher se nai aya jitna Lime water ne de diya..wonderful Dinner prepared by Bhabi and we all enjoyed it followed by wonderful session of Jokes..big time PJs..great sense of humor sometimes..all thanks to Kingfisher ;)  till the clock struck 12..Next day is Monday and we three all working professionals had no choice but to take some rest and get ready for week ahead....and hence The End of a wonderful weekend.

 and as i write these lines i get wonderful news: My Cousin Bro [ Cousin 1] cleared his interview and would be Senior Resident Doctor coming month.. Congratulations to him.. isko bolte hain Jhakkas news..!!

 P.S –I am happy these days..and wondering my life is still good, infact better even after cutting my phone calls and sms's ……I analyzed my call history and noticed near to 80 percent decrease in number of calls and almost 50-60 percent less talking time on phone in last few dayz… 

** Emotions while saying this :

If you are girl… I am in no mood to explain on this.. and if you are a guy.. dude..!! phone ka bill control ho raha hai ;) **



manmeet said...

children are definately "bundles of energy"...where do they get all the energy..only god almighty knows....but definately we in todays world can take some inspiration from dem n make good use of life...instead of cribbin be happy bout every fact and face of life....
now comin to the story bou ur phone bils fallin down.....well even thou u mentioned dat girls sud ignore it....i;ll go ahead n ask the reason.....lolzz
hope to see a reply soon....

∂єяαngє∂ ιnѕαnιту ^.^ said...

Bahot Khaana Peena Ho Geya. Looks Like You Were Eating The Whole Time :P Lol Kidding!

Chalo you have been Tagged. See it soon on your blog! :D