Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Week of 24th Chapter in Office

An eventful week , A week which went so fast. After having spent 10 days at home including my first work from home experience , I returned back to office. This time round, a very smooth journey from Home to Office made a feel good factor in mind right from start of the week.
As soon as I booted mah crashed and WOW !! That was it … end of my TO DO things on Monday.All I could do was raise a ticket and then just wait for our support team to get me a new system and get back to work.Loads of work was assigned to me, Nothing could be done except putting it on hold.
Tuesday, System still not recovered and me still trying hard to sort out things. Finally in evening, I was able to get a system up and running.Full day again kinda wasted professionally.
Wednesday, Two days work and new work and loads of follow up jobs gave me a fair impression that I have no time for any breaks and just work work and work. Starting at 10, I somehow managed to finish off things by 6 in evening and thought to leave but due to an event planned for next day so decided to stay back and move at 8 pm. It was a quiz , so co-ordinating with my club mates and preparing a good quiz database was task to finish before leaving for home.
Thursday, Series of events continued and I tried to finish my job assignments before 2 pm. At 2 PM , we had prelims of quiz which went on till three and believe me, the teams were more enthu than we had anticipate. Questions were good and so was the response.Finally we had 5 teams to sit in final round. 3Rounds and close to 22 questions to each team was tough ask but Yours truly was the quiz master and tried to do his bit and with response and feedback believes he did fairly well J . A Completely new experience being quiz master , learned so many things while doing the job..!! Event finished at 5.30 and I was back to my seat when the outlook flashed a mail of White paper Contest and there were two days left for the last date of participation. A Wish to participate made me sit back again till 8 and prepare the document.
Friday: Thank God it’s a Friday. Morning had a meeting for our social responsibility club, finished my routine work and there was call for party. Successful Event was the reason and we in organising team were all game. Pizza Hut and 5 Guyz..we ordered everything we possibly could. A heavy meal followed by chocolate sundae from Baskin Robbins was a more than my expectations. Oh Yes!! Its last day of submission and I am still left with more than half document to finish.Type Type Type and format and finally I managed to finish and submit the white paper by 8.13 PM and I left office at 8.20 Pm that day.
Saturday, I went to IIT to hang out with friends and eventually finished with watching 6 movies in a span of 24 hours..singh is king.. bachna ae haseeno..god tusi great ho.. ugly pagli..maan gye mughal e azam and mumbai meri jaan at one go…saw a macbook for myself bt saved myself from getting screwed thanks to little smartness i showed while looking at lappy..a different story and some other times.went to Mezbaan and Priya's as well..phew..

It took me another week to move the past from paper to e-version and in this week we had another successful event in our company which again yours truly hosted and had loads fun doing the same.

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