Sunday, July 13, 2008

Status : Committed

Amazing huh..!! The kind of response i received after a small change on my profile on orkut, i had to take some time out to think whether this status change was something i should not have done.!!

I was congratulated, questioned, investigated too and what not..!! but nobody took an effort to really think the way i thought while changing it. :p... even if i would have been on other side, would not have taken pain to do that.. So no offences..!!

Everybody took commitment as me going with someone, dating, having a gf without getting this thing public, blah blah blah....

Declaration: I am not seeing anyone [These Days :p]

When the status changed from single to committed , I took it as small change in my life since 2008 has been year which has been quite an OK kinda year so far..and has made me think so many times to committ to some decisions in life and take some of them on a serious note.

So to clear this suspicion , thought of writing and sharing here.

Some of My Committments::

Committment towards my family - They are my source of inspiration, my guide and they are the ones which who are with me under all circumstances. Happy, Sorrow, Ups and downs they are the ones for whom Sukhdeep is and wiill always be the same .

Committment towards my work - After completing a year in the industry, i can visualise some of the real aspects of life and i have committed myself for a better delivery on my work . At current position , i wish i could add more value but current role restricts me from doing that. Anyways my committment towards my work saves me from going lazy towards delivery of work and i hope the committment leads me to better paths where i could feel satisfied on proffessional front as well.

Committment towards my Friends
- This is little tricky committment here..coz this committment is not actually towards my friends but towards myself. Committment to be Honest to myself about my friendship with my friends. Every Friend has his/her own space in my heart and nobody replaces anyone there. So my committment to be honest with each one on being friends and not faking myself to anyone is one thing i wish i can carry to distance as long as possible.Doesn't means that other committments are not to be taken that far.. but i feel little extra effort is needed in this case :P

Committment towards my Religion
- I am Proud to be Sikh and i am committed to it. I committ myself to be faithful towards my religion, abide by its values and keep its flags flying high ..!!
The commitments are lot more and all can't be mentioned or written.

Still wondering why i missed committment on Relationship :P ???

For me, committment to relationship is same way as is for you but i donot have any answer to time when i will be committed, donot have any answer as to whom i will be committed to and really dont know if it happens before my marriage :P.

I don't know if someone really comes in my life but the matter of fact that Crush and Infatuation makes life little more cheerful and i don't know if by any chance any one out of those turns into relationship and committment.

But as of today : I am still 'SINGLE' :)
Yeah yeah i know i've made you happy for a second !! ;)

It was a long due post and finally being posted but the fact that i don't have access to blogger in office so i check it once a fortnight when i am back home. but now i think changing the settings would help me directly publishing my post by mailing to one email address. P

Please bear the Warning Message at end of every message now on !! :)


God Bless
Justify Full


Himani Singh Sahiwal said...

hmmm........i did think dat ur reply was goin to be lyk dis and i wish i had said it 2 now u r gettin predictable....well ur reply has com as a big disappointment 2 me as i wz expectin lot of rosie stuff but any day ur reply and thoughts are more appreciable dan da othr act. So, wish u gud luck so as u fulfill all ur commitments.

manmeet said...

well.....infatuation actually spells infactuation.....;)
in day to day life dese days,wen r person says one is committed,we take it for granted dat it is concerin d staus,i.e. single or not...
thanks for makin us recall d differnt meanings.....sometimes....only sometimes...u rock....;)..

Heartbreaken Harshit said...

Nice post bro ...well u told d secret today here at blogger lol ...dun u think wen i asked at orkut ..u need to tel me dere ...hehe :)..newayzz dese 4 committments will finally build dat real committment lol...god bless..:)

Sukhdeep said...


Wish had said and had said are two different states :)
Thx fr the wishes..!!

@manmeet infatuation infact spells INFATUATION...not infactuation :p
yh i know sometimes i ROCK ;)
thx thx

well wantd to tell there only dude.. bt then dnt get time these dayz..
keep rockin..!!

and yh..hoping these 4 committments would built that real commitment more beautiful :)
God Bless