Monday, July 21, 2008

Randomness in Thoughts

I dint want to write this but then i feel, why not...Sukhdeep for some is one person they can always approach when they need some help and can consider him as person who is a friend.i feel people need to know that person on the other side is human too and carry the same emotions that they carry. So if they feel they should be treated well so do I think. 

Recent days…so many small small incidents took place which took me to emotional low.M not writing them here but they put a doubt in my mind if i am a good friend.i feel i am unfair to some of friends who really care for me saying these lines but human tedency... can't help it..!!

You will always think of people for whom you you wanna care rather than who care for you. Don't know why but i keep going back to repeat history which put me in pain.But neways as the saying is

"Ki Farak Painda..!! "

 Feel Good Factor is getting back and i am back to same old person which is available 24 x 7 but now not for everyone..!! The 24 x 7 quota has been eliminated for all people who are friends to me just for the help though it still hold for FRIENDS..

 Friendship Day is round the corner so i will soon put the post about my friends and this time its going to be public.Some secrets finally getting revealed, some names would be heard for first times and some names would make some of the people in some kinda confusion.. ;)

 Did i tell that my search for home ended.I have got a place to finally settle down in Gurgaon and i hope things go well and life also takes a smooth road for some time atleast.Thanks to all who helped me at all times possible.One person needs special mention and her name is Hina. Althoughwe haven't met in person yet , yet everytime we talk, i feel like still there are people who you would always want to be friends with.Pretty impressive writer, MBA , Quality Analyst. Everytime i talk to her, i learn since she is 400 percent times more experienced in industry. :p

 Dont know what are contents of this post but whatever has come in my mind.. i just wrote here..!!

 P.S- There is no one to whom this post is pointed. Its just what i felt sitting one day and thinking all about things happening around my life..!!

 I guess i need some time for myself and i might take it out very soon ;)

 Current Status of Life : Still Trying Hard to feel GOOD in Delhi..!!

Sukhdeep Singh
"Adversity causes some men to break, others to break rules."


Deranged Insanity said...

Don't go too hard on yourself Sukhi. You are a great buddy, support, philosopher, brother and above all ... The Best Person one can be with!

Life cannot be fair all the times, but you gotta keep that strength up. And I know you are strong enuff!

And yes, true ... Making friends should be your own choice and shouldn't be forced upon you. May you take the right decisions in life! Godbless ya.

Deranged Insanity ^.^

Sukhdeep said...


yh.. things coming back on track


FadedGlory said...

Hey..thnks fr d mention n those nice words...wat a way to start ur day with! :))

ab to roz subah ek baar yeh padh loongi!!