Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012.Pause. Press Rewind. 2011. Check. Forward.

Made any resolutions? cool.me neither. :P

But yes, my regular and yearly update on ‘Things to Do’ in its third year. So quick update shall happen on that to set targets for next year and check on what all happened last year.

1. To get interviewed-  Well the context in which I had written it did not happen but yes, I was interviewed for various projects and clients to work with. Got selected too and worked on really good assignments last year. :p

2. Shot at dream companies –I did. And I will continue giving my dream companies a shot. One day I will get selected and will publish a separate post on that as well. J

3. Read and Write – Giving reading and writing a ‘red’ for last year. Hardly read any book except Calvin & Hobbes but I think I read that calvin book multiple times. On writing, well I made some technical documents :P but I won’t count them here. So I will try to get back to this habit of reading and writing this year.atleast try.

4. New Wardrobe –Just two months in 2012 right, I have added 6 shirts, 2 trousers, 1 belt and 1 pair of shoes already. Good start no. Pat on my back and may god bless me with more shirts, more trousers, more shoes and bigger paycheck to pay for all of them.

5. Bring AmritSarovar back – There is technical glitch here. Domain is no more with me. So all I can work on is the site with new domain name. fingers crossed to get this thing working. But hey, helped start one website and it is getting good response so efforts are being done.

6. Travel Show – Too much work , too much travel and not staying in one city. But that is not a good reason. Lets keep this uncheck on wish list and lets hope we get to make atleast an episode this year. J

7. Less of Crying and More of Laughter – Well. This would be ‘Check’. More laughter. More happy times. More haahahaha.. and less of :’( and lets hope this continues for years to come..;)

8. Travel Travel Travel – I did.Lot of travelling. Apart from regular trip to Amritsar,I travelled to Noida, Shirpur, Lucknow, Hubli, Dharwad, Goa , Lonavla and official trips to Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore as well. :D

9. Gain Knowledge – Lets mark this as ‘Check’ and continue learning.

10. Learn a dance form – Did not even make an effort to do this. Hopeful to do something about it this year.this was something I wrote last year.and will not delete it. Moving on.. :p

11. Talk Less- Are you kidding me??? :D


Meet Kaur said...

Hi thr!
1.Even I'm a HUGE fan of Calvin & Hobbes! ta da! :)
2. do you talk?? really?
3. Add Leh Ladakh to your travel plans before the world ends!
4. Keep Smiling YES!
God Bless!

Sukhdeep said...


Yes.I Talk.:P

Leh-ladakh is on the list. :)

Meet Kaur said...

Gr8! :)