Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 - A Recap - Part I

February about to finish and I am doing a recap post of 2011. The year did not go as per plans or rather no plans were made. So went with the flow. Year which gave me chance to grow as a person and a professional, year which gave me opportunity to meet so many new people and visit so many new places. Year which brought about best learnings as far as work goes and year which brought so many memories to carry for times ahead. This blog is just about a short recap of events that took place. So let’s go month wise ‘coz it’s easy to remember that way. :D
-    January - Travelled from Bangalore to Delhi on Dec 31st.and then took the train to Amritsar on Jan 1 for a mini break with family and friends. Only to realize a small surprise meeting lined up on first day itself. The meeting which was supposed to be a no-meeting happened. No more talk about that but yeah quick short trip ended and I went back to Bangalore only to return back by 21st Jan when brother made everyone in the family proud. The day he became a chartered accountant, got an all India rank and topped in the city. Probably the happiest day of year for me and everyone in the family. :) 
-     Come February, I travelled to Noida, Shirpur near Nasik and Mumbai for different trainings to campus recruits. From technical to personality development, each day of training gave something to learn and interacting with more than 400+ college recruits during training days was great experience. Ranjit got married so me and jassi first attended his wedding in Amritsar and later visited sultanpur lodhi for his reception. 

-     March was mixed. Travelled to Lucknow which turned out to be an amazing amazing trip thanks to the food. And the people. Lucknow is amazing place to explore food especially if you are non vegetarian. Our stay of 5 days there was nothing short of heavenly experience for stomach. Noida happened again for another week. Also visited Mumbai again, missed a flight (no thanks to kingfisher for not helping out in that case.that is one long story), travelled to Hubli on bus the same day. and then post week long stay there, went to Amritsar.Planned a keertan samagam at home to thank god for all the blessings before I moved to Pune for 6 months. And the day I travelled to Delhi, someone stole our car. L  .and hey, I got my promotion too. Wasn’t too excited and you would know why if you knew the things that happened in the course. But a Yay to that as well. :D 

   April started off with a bang with India winning the world cup. Had a blast at Soho’s in Kalyani nagar where I went with friends. So glad I did not stay back in hotel room and watched match on TV. But hey INDIA WON. Going to magarpatta to see the celebrations and coming back at 1 in night was totally amazing experience. So much fun that day was.You read this right? Found a place to stay and started settling in. and then out of nowhere GOA happened. On Good Friday’s extended weekend. And undoubtedly the best vacation of life. 16 people.4 days. So many beaches. So many parties. So many conversations. So many drives. Pure awesomeness. And here is the awesome awesome video post which brings back all the good times. Also, a trip to Mumbai happened to attend Pooja’s wedding. Two days of memories packed for life. My first experience of going in a marathi-marwadi wedding where no one knew me except the one sitting on stage.  :D
-    May – Can’t remember anything significant happening in May but surely there was lot of work, deadlines and excitement. Many extra hours spent in office, lot of learning happened. And yes, brother also joined his first job, as a finance officer in a PSU. Big YAY to that. :) 
-    June – June was more work, more time spent in office and closer to release date. No regrets of all the time spent in office since it went pretty well. we went to lonavla on a day trip. with friends and few freshers. lot of fun and lot of masti that day. trekking.rains.clouds.time well spent.
-   July – Performed at an awards ceremony with our club team. Scripted a complete item voice over for which was given by yours truly and dance was performed by club members and the complete act was well appreciated by everyone.When you perform in creative field while working in little monotonous technical arena, it gives you sense of satisfaction to be linked to creative brain waves. Also, went to Mumbai to attend Amit’s wedding. Good Times Happened. 
After i wrote the post, i realized that it is too lengthy to be read in single post. so rest of it in part two. Read Part 2 here.

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