Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Places - 10 Day You Challenge

Six places I love. lets start right away.

1. New York - recently i saw the movie 'New York I Love You' and fell in love with NYC. since then the city is on my list.the culture and the experiences my friends living/been there share make me visit the place and enjoy the buzz in the air.new york, see you soon.

New York I Love You  - Shot by Pooja Ganeriwala

2. Amritsar - Born and brought up in Amritsar,the city attracts me like magnet and i would not mind staying in the city for lifetime.The city has my people, golden temple and food and combination of these three is impossible to be found anywhere.

3. Goa - Goa is awesome.one needs to visit the place with friends and enjoy the time there.I visited the place in april this year and had an amazing time.goa is definitely one of the places you would wish to go again and again.so plan anytime and everytime you get the opportunity.

A Collage of Memories - Goa 2011 
4. Maldives - too many honeymoon albums in my facebook from maldives.lovely place it looks in those pictures.so i want to visit the place.NOT for honeymoon but.

Maldives - A Dream . Shot by Pooja Ganeriwala.

5 & 6 & 7 & 8.  Europe - I want to live in Europe atleast for an year to absorb the beauty especially Athens(5),Paris(6),Rome(7),Bern(8).the fascination and attraction to Europe is credited to all the Hollywood movies shot there which take  you to these places.definitely on my radar and will not miss any opportunity to visit these places.

An evening in Paris - shot by Harman Boparai
so many more places to visit..so much to explore.

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