Monday, October 17, 2011

Seven Wants - 10 Day You Challenge

Ahem..look who is back to his own blog.staring at edit window for almost two hours and then finally deciding to break the block to complete the you challenge.time to talk about seven first expression is only seven? but then when i think about it, i am not able to pen down seven things i would WANT.

1. World Tour - It would be nice great awesome to visit all the places which are on your 'places to go' list and it would be equally awesome for Thomas cook or cox & kings to sponsor one.i promise i will blog about my trip and do shameless promotion about them. :) 

2. Time travel - yes, i want an ability to time travel.many a times watching a movie, you see a place.and you wish you were there.exactly at this time i want my superpower to activate and take me there.

3. One week exile every year - I want one week long vacation/exile every year somewhere where there is no signal and there is no internet. it would be great to live stress-free life. no tension. just be with people you like/love. for one week. :) 

4. Credit card free life - I want to live life without any tension of credit. nuff said.good enough money in debit card to buy anything i like so i can spend till last penny and by the time that happens, god brings back the second last day of month so salary is credited and debit card is recharged. ;) 

5. Revamp Wardrobe - I want to revamp my wardrobe every six months.

6. Chitranghda Singh -  but then she is may be in some other life..

7. finish the challenge - you bet. i want to finish this 10 day you challenge.

then there are regulars like world peace, loads of gadgets , happy life, etc etc..

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shubhajit said...

i would you to recomend dont forget himalayas