Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Reservations? I also want.

Are you from any reserved category? Sadly I am not. I belong to 'general' category and even I aspire to become a government office if ever get a chance. A respectable position, serving the country and securing the future, I don't have a chance.

While I was looking at all the options and ways to serve my country, I just thought to see if I meet all those basic eligibility criteria’s.
About me:
Nationality: Indian
Category: General

Aahh... General... should be little difficult but I’ll try to see if I still make it.

If 100 Seats are on offer, as per current constitutional acts, there is a 23 percent reservation for SC/ST, 27 percent to OBC, 20 percent to MBC, 1 percent to scheduled tribes. Total 71 percent which is applicable to all depts. If women reservation bill of 33 percent is passed, total goes to 104. And seats are 100. Therefore centre has to create 4 additional vacancies to consider all quotas and give EQUAL opportunity to everyone. Yeah, general category is waiting if they can compete for any post. The answer is NO. If it’s not a central govt. vacancy, then add to that some additional reservations to families of freedom fighters, families of ex-servicemen, region based quotas, religion based quotas and management quotas.

Even if I studied well and completed my graduation with good marks, I am not eligible to serve my country, why? Because I belong to General Category and unfortunately, we don't have any quota right. I remember losing out on seat in good college to someone whose rank was way below then mine but he got the seat because of some 'quota'.

My take on Women Reservation Bill: I don’t understand why the reservation is required? If at all reservation is required, it should be only at the building block level. For anyone under -privileged right to education is must, so if anything to be considered, reserve some seats for all the castes so that everyone gets education. Post matriculation, everyone should be counted on merit. Everyone’s hard work should pay. Why should someone deserving lose out to reservations? I have seen people having big cars and coming from rich families take need-based scholarships while in college. NOT FAIR..!! But you can't do anything. Why? Coz you are general category and they are certified quota people. It is disturbing and demotivating as well. I might not be aware if there is but any link to proper justification on why the bill is required and how it will help India grow will be appreciated. Please share. All I know is that, if the bill is passed, all the leaders get their wives, daughters, nieces, aunties into the parliament and one big family drama will be shot in parliament every 5 years.

P. S - When I make friends, I don't follow the quota system. :)


Aditya Nandode said...

Man Maths is all wrong, but still I would prefer a Quota free world.

(1% for SC, of this 1%--->33% will be reserved for SC woman => 0.33% seats for SC woman!)

Pari said...

i feel one fine day they should come up with a quota for "general" category people too! seriously, why they need a women reservation bill is beyond my understanding too. just another political move i guess.

survesh dhir said...

Sarojini Naidu became president INC in 1925 n was the first lady to head a National Party in the world. The first woman to head a national party in the west was Margaret Thatcher in 1975. So, I guess its never been lack of opportunities for women in India, this whole women's reservation bill is a political faceoff !!

Richa said...

We can hope for a better world..where things shall be decided by political parties on bases which are little less selfish and which are oriented for the ACTUAL good of ALL!