Thursday, March 04, 2010

How Easy How Tough ?

"Daughter : Yes Dad..I don't want to meet the guy. whatever you feel is right for me, i am okay with that. and yes,when things are final, let me know.I will have to plan my leaves in office and be there for ceremonies. !! Love you Dad..!!" *and this looked more like a give-away life tone'

makes me wonder what kind of decision is this ? would like to see what you have to say on it. what if someone becomes my/your life partner with such decision making.

p.s - this was conversation of someone standing just behind me in metro few days ago.could not help but listen because metro was crowded and she was loud enough. just three minutes of journey ,we boarded off at rajiv chowk and moved to our own destinations.


Aditya Nandode said...

Sad, must have had really bad experience with love or never found a right guy ever, so is just hoping that her father does, have seen many people do this.
Guys do do hat too, one even argued from the point that people who never find true love, arranged marriage is last resort and parent decision a good thing, if it goes bad you can also blame them.

Saurabh Joshi said...

here you have asked a very simple question, but it is very big question mark on the institution of arranged marriage.
Seriously i have always wondered how it works? okay i agree this is the way it has happened in India and even with our parents, still these days it is not so simple and straight forward how it used to be in earlier days. i have seen many examples of broken marriages which were very well arranged and organised.
In that case even if she meets the guy, what if he pretends and well behaves for the sake getting married, it's hard to identify the real nature of a person in just 2-3 meetings.
For that matter i suppose it is more of luck to get a good life partner even if we meet or take decision like this.
Said correctly--> How Easy How Tough?


Saurabh Joshi.

rgc said...

No divorces are rampant now. People dont discuss,try to be friends or understand the other family at all.

The things we overhear can teach us so much!

Vineet said...

You have got me thinking bro. :)

Richa said...

The title says it all.let's not be judgemental.