Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Should I?

i still remember the date and the time..
we were having great times...
and then, al of a sudden
without a reason
she went and never came back...
i was sad..but she dint come..
i kept looking for her.. but she din't come

and now after so long
She comes to my street
and she still remembers my name.. and my smile :)
she remembers my birthday and recalls the old times..
but should i be friends again..!!
should i?

P.S - Don't be so emotional :p ...i know i am not good in writing :) !!


Kamaldeep said...

Nice on ... adding onto my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have already "hit the bull's eye" I guess!

Do I still need to comment? :)

Anonymous said...

Why change of template? The previous one was sober and serious! Suited your blog much better.

Bring it back!

su kaçağı said...