Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Four Different States

last few days i had some amzing things happening in my life.... a very good friend messaging me not to call back.. a friend pushing talks to next call with a simple reason of 'too busy with life n stuff'..best friend inviting over for a dinner delight :) .. a friend coming for support.. and it all takes me to a very confusing state of mind.. i am very happy coz of some people in my life.. and disturbed coz of some...

i jst have these four states to share rite now .

1. a simple message from a friend spoiled my mood and eventually the day... why? no reason...no fights..no arguements..no hard feelings.. but anyways.. you can't keep on asking so just going with the flow..!!

2. Busy wid something.. ttyl.. and that laters is COMING SOON :) !!

i firmly believe that if you are a friend.. then even if you are busy.. you are always free enough to greet and cut to talk laters..everyone is busy in today's life.. you're not alone..!!

3. Dinner Delight..: Can you think of a dinner with home made saag, roti and wonderful company.. i jst had it this sunday.. followed by Ras Malai from Munim di Hatti :P went to meet mah frn and her mom offered me dinner treat and how can you say NO to tht..!! This was again a friend's house.. and a different situation..!!

4. i had few words to say to my own uni mates but on stage this time round.. so i jst shared tht wid one of my frienz and he came just to support....he had a date fixed.. cud hve gone there and said.. m busy.. but he was there.. !!

Publishing after a year.. coz somehow this went into drafts and never got published.. i remember those times so.. documented version is here.

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